About Oxeon Partners

We value relationships more than transactions, and we value people more than anything—especially their power to drive innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry.


Oxeon is a specialized professional services and investments firm that builds and accelerates the growth of impactful healthcare tech and services businesses. Our primary mission at Oxeon is To Make People Healthier. We achieve our mission in three core ways: recruiting world-class executives into our clients and portfolio companies, investing in transformative healthcare companies, and building de novo businesses to address the problems plaguing our healthcare system. The innovative companies we build touch millions of lives and we are incredibly proud of what we do and who we serve.

Oxeon Partners is a leading retained executive search firm that builds the management teams for transformative healthcare technology and service businesses. Oxeon Venture Studio designs, builds and launches new healthcare businesses. Town Hall Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in and supports inspired and dynamic entrepreneurs developing innovative healthcare solutions to serve the most fragile and medically complex populations.

Oxeon Partners, Oxeon Venture Studio and Town Hall Ventures all will operate independently but when any two or all three business units collaborate, exponential healthcare system impact results, business scale much faster and people end up healthier.


Our firm’s mission is to Make People Healthier.

Whether it is the executive leaders we place or the capital we provide to drive our clients forward, the relationships we enable or the companies we start, everything we do is oriented toward making people healthier. It is a fundamental checkpoint we use whenever we take on any initiative.

Supporting our mission are our five core values:

Intellectual Curiosity, Grit, EQ, Collaboration and a Spirit of Generosity.

We hold ourselves to these in every single action we take.

To further guide our strategic decisions we rely heavily on three strategic anchors:

An Aligned and Focused Approach, Great People and Culture and Deeply Invested Relationships. These anchors direct our approach and decisions around the clients we work with, the people we hire internally, the executives we recruit externally, the investments we make and everything we do.


Our culture is purpose-driven, transparent and focused on our own health; mental, physical and emotional, as well as those we work with.  We work hard and we have fun. We have high expectations for who we are as professionals and equally if not greater expectations for who we are as parents, significant others, friends, etc.  Oxeon culture provides the flexibility to thrive both at work and out of work.

We have tracked and shared our Employee Engagement results since 2015; ask us about it, we love to talk about Employee Engagement! Meaningful work. Impact. Collaborative environment. Aligned/non-transactional compensation. Learning and development. Music. Happy Hours. Company-sponsored athletic programs. Philanthropic commitments. Transparency. Humor.  These, and many other elements of Oxeon, drive our incredible employee engagement and make this a very unique place to come to work.


We value our own health as well as the health and wellbeing of our communities. Oxeon participates in philanthropic efforts throughout the year in partnerships with organizations like New York Common Pantry and Center for Employment Opportunities. We also host an annual day of service and support employees’ philanthropic efforts through a sponsored matching program.