We value relationships more than transactions, and we value people more than anything—especially their power to drive innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry.

The Power Of Relationships

“Oxeon” is the Greek word for relationships. We are inspired by how relationships can drive new jobs, investments, business development opportunities, or just a simple introduction between people. That notion permeates everything we do.

We are a healthcare growth services firm. We connect our healthcare company partners with the fundamental drivers of business growth – great people, great business development partnerships, strategic investments, next generation business ideas and other growth-related services.

But what that all boils down to is that we value relationships more than transactions, and we value people more than anything—especially their power to drive innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission And Values

Our firm’s mission is to Make People Healthier.
Whether it is the executive leaders we place or the capital we provide to drive our clients forward, the relationships we enable or the companies we start, everything we do is oriented toward making people healthier. It is a fundamental checkpoint we use whenever we take on any initiative.

Supporting our mission are our five core values:
Intellectual Curiosity, Grit, EQ, Collaboration and a Spirit of Generosity.
We hold ourselves to these in every single action we take.

To further guide our strategic decisions we rely heavily on three strategic anchors:
An Aligned and Focused Approach, Great People and Culture and Deeply Invested Relationships. These anchors direct our approach and decisions around the clients we work with, the people we hire internally, the executives we recruit externally, the investments we make and everything we do.

Oxeon Culture

Our mission is to Make People Healthier and we practice what we preach. While we work hard and take our work extremely seriously, we thrive in a healthy environment focused on wellness, fun, a sense of community, and charitable initiatives.

We have company sponsored pilates and Citi Bike memberships, and a flexible environment where we encourage our employees to balance their hard work with efforts to ensure they have a healthy work life blend. Along with sponsored exercise activities, we also have a fully-stocked kitchen, a Sonos speaker system for our self-proclaimed office DJs, plants everywhere, monthly happy hours, and a couple of hover boards that have yet to cause any injuries.

Oxeon Charitable Initiatives

Oxeon’s charitable efforts are focused on initiatives through both financial contributions and donating the time, energy and modest muscles of our team. We aim to volunteer at least once a quarter, and have developed long-term relationships with local volunteer organizations. Some examples include:

Oxeon sponsors a bi-annual trip to Guatemala where, in partnership with a local organization, 10 Oxeonites spend a week working in mobile clinics, providing access to healthcare resources, and completing a construction project.

We have built partnerships with University Settlement and New York Common Pantry both hosting activity days for New York families and spending time at food pantries across the city.

University Settlement 2016

We donate time to the Hudson River Park to beautify our neighborhood, and participate in the annual Hudson River Park Games.

We also support all of our employees by donating money to their various efforts including running marathons, bike races and other physical fund raising efforts. Organizations that have benefitted from these efforts include CureSearch, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, Lustgarten Foundation and others.