The Advisory Board Company is a global research, technology and consulting firm partnering with 125,000 leaders in 3,700 organizations across health care and higher education. Through its innovative membership model, the firm collaborates with executives and their teams to elevate performance and solve their most pressing challenges. The company provides strategic guidance, actionable insights, web-based software solutions, and comprehensive implementation and management services.

Oxeon Partners has additionally done work for Advisory Board Company spinouts such as Evolent Health and new business units, including an end-to-end strategic sourcing Managed Service Offering for leading hospitals and health systems.


We work with the Advisory Board Company in a search capacity, leveraging our network and healthcare industry expertise to find and place the best executives on their leadership team. Our work has included searches for a Chief Technology Officer, General Manager, and Vice President of Operations.

“The Oxeon team demonstrates a unique ability among search firms to link what’s happening in the broader market to the key issues for our organization. They seem highly engaged with the market (at least the market we traffic in) and spend the time to diagnose and understand the particular business they are serving through the search. They are also very strong on the candidate assessment front. They possess the ability to dissect capabilities of a candidate and link them back to the job spec. Specifically, they are very good on understanding the social-emotional dimensions of a candidate and appreciating cultural fit. A focus on ‘what is really important’ and being rigorous about it when we consider candidates.”

—Nurrudin Virani, General Manager, Strategic Sourcing Business

—Peter Keating, Executive Director, Career Management