Patrick Kennedy joins the Board of Oxeon client and investment Quartet Health

Quartet Health, a leading healthcare technology company partnering with health plans and providers to improve the integration of behavioral and medical care, today announced the appointment of Patrick Kennedy to its Board of Directors. While serving as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Patrick Kennedy authored the Mental Health Parity Act, a landmark piece of legislation requiring that health insurance companies provide coverage benefits for treatment of mental health conditions that are comparable to coverage provided for physical conditions. Since leaving office, he founded The Kennedy Forum and One Mind for Research to unite policymakers, business leaders, and the scientific communities around improving mental healthcare in our country.

“Patrick is one of the most influential mental health leaders and advocates of our time and we could not be more excited to welcome him to our Board,” says Annie Lamont of Oak HC/FT, who led Quartet’s Series A round. “Patrick’s personal mission and that of Quartet are deeply aligned, and he has focused the national spotlight on destigmatizing and integrating mental healthcare. He is a key addition in our continued efforts to translate proven models to widespread commercial activity that makes integrated mental healthcare a reality for all Americans.”

“Creating better alignment between patients, healthcare providers, and insurers can vastly improve the quality of mental healthcare delivery, especially for individuals who struggle with behavioral health conditions and concomitant physical health conditions,” says Kennedy. “I am excited to join an organization dedicated to improving care for those who suffer from issues I have dealt with myself, and believe that Quartet’s continued success stands to make a profound impact on our society.”

Kennedy joins Quartet’s Board of Directors as an independent member. The Board currently includes Chief Executive Officer Arun Gupta, Chairman Steve Shulman, Annie Lamont of Oak HC/FT, and Board Observer Carl Byers of Fidelity Biosciences. Quartet is funded by Fidelity Biosciences, Polaris Partners, Oxeon Investments LLC and Oak HC/FT.

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