Vice President, Oxeon Ventures

Burke builds de novo companies at Oxeon Venture Studios.  A Brooklyn native, Burke went West for college in California, further West to work in Beijing and even further West to return to the East Coast.

Burke brings international and domestic experience across varied healthcare segments including consulting, pharmaceuticals, digital health and risk management. After graduating from Pomona College with a major in History concentrating on the American Gilded Age and a double minor in Chinese language and recreational softball, he began his career consulting for Deloitte Strategy & Operations in San Francisco.  But the Bay Area wasn’t exciting enough, so he moved to Beijing and joined the Strategic Marketing Team for Xian-Janssen, Johnson and Johnson’s Chinese pharmaceutical subsidiary.

While living in China, Burke realized that healthcare systems in developing nations were ill-equipped to tackle the growing burden of chronic illnesses. So Burke co-founded Gather Health and acted as CEO to develop and bring to market a remote diabetes management system in Hong Kong and India.

But Burke knew that his heart was still in Brooklyn, so he finished his round-the-world tour and moved back home. Here, he rejoined the American healthcare industry as Director of Analytics for Remedy Partners, the leading convener in Medicare’s Bundled Payment Care Improvement program.  He is married to a wonderful Californian and he enjoys playing basketball, reading science fiction, keeping up his Chinese and Python, and continuing to travel West and East on vacation.