Our days revolve around a central mission: to make people healthier.
If you are energized by our industry, our mission and the way we go about business, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Oxeon is driven by one simple mission: to make people healthier.

With that in mind, we are pioneering the healthcare growth services model, connecting our healthcare company partners with the fundamental drivers of business growth: great people, great partnerships, strategic investment capital, and next generation business ideas. We are fortunate that the core of our business, our Invested Executive Search firm, enables us to have 15,000 conversations annually, resulting in deep relationships with leading healthcare executives. We are able to leverage these relationships to bring exceptional people to the table to collectively achieve our mission.

We’re looking for the best people to join us on our mission.

Much like the healthcare industry at large, Oxeon is always evolving. However, there are a few core values that we refuse to compromise when we hire. We’re highly collaborative. We believe in learning something new every day and we put culture above everything else. We are humble. We learn constantly. We are resilient, with a forthright commitment to operating “out over our skis.” We strive to build long-lasting relationships with people who are changing healthcare and we value this aspiration more than just a search fee. Perhaps most importantly, we all love to laugh—at each other and ourselves.

Oxeon Positions

We’re always looking for great people at all levels of our organization in New York and Seattle. Please email Susan Oak at We’d love to hear from you!

Role: Operations Associate, Oxeon Partners

  Location: New York, NY

As the Operations Associate, you will work with the Director of Operations to manage and drive the operations of the business. You will play a key role in building and monitoring the annual plan. Your focus in regard to the plan will be threefold. You will: help Oxeon hits its top line goal through sales operational support and lead identification, work with leaders internally to ensure the firm is adequately staffed to execute against those goals, and keep a watchful eye on our overhead with an aim to reduce costs and invest our resources intelligently. This role will help build the foundational capabilities you need to run the operations of any company.

  Role: Associate, Oxeon Partners

  Location: New York, NY & Seattle, WA

The driving force behind researching healthcare companies, mapping markets, and identifying, recruiting, and screening relevant executives for our searches. Our Associates are typically recent college graduates from top universities (backgrounds range from English to Economics majors, pre-Med grads and everything in between) or someone with 0 – 3 years work experience.

  Role: Senior Associate, Oxeon Partners

  Location: New York, NY & Seattle, WA

Responsible for leading projects and, in addition, focused on client management, in-depth interviewing, and leveraging his or her network within healthcare to identify and engage top talent. Oftentimes, Associates are promoted to Senior Associates. However, Senior Associates we hire from outside Oxeon come to us with 3 – 6 years of relevant work experience in areas such as healthcare, consulting, research, and sales and marketing.

  Role: Venture Studio Senior Associate, Oxeon Ventures

  Location: New York, NY

As a Senior Associate inside Oxeon’s Venture Studio, you will be responsible for providing support on new company creation efforts. The new company creation process entails everything from identifying opportunities and customer pain, shaping the business concept, building out the founding executive team (in collaboration with Oxeon Partners), selling early anchor customers, and in certain cases, raising external capital to pursue the opportunity.