Role: Operations Associate, Oxeon Partners

Location: New York, NY
Contact: Michael Cullen,

About Oxeon

Oxeon is a specialized professional services and investments firm that builds and accelerates the growth of impactful healthcare tech and services businesses. Our primary mission at Oxeon is to make people healthier. We achieve our mission in three core ways: recruiting world-class executives into our clients and portfolio companies, investing in transformative healthcare companies, and building de novo businesses to address the problems plaguing our healthcare system. The innovative companies we build touch millions of lives, and we are incredibly proud of what we do and who we serve.

Position Description

As the Operations Associate, you will work with the Director of Operations to manage and drive the operations of the business. You will play a key role in building and monitoring the annual plan. Your focus in regard to the plan will be threefold. You will: help Oxeon hits its top line goal through sales operational support and lead identification, work with leaders internally to ensure the firm is adequately staffed to execute against those goals, and keep a watchful eye on our overhead with an aim to reduce costs and invest our resources intelligently. This role will help build the foundational capabilities you need to run the operations of any company.In addition to these core goals, you will play a key role supporting initiatives across technology, finance, investments, people, and strategy. Your work will touch all parts of the organization. This individual will work as an agent of change within the organization; understanding current business processes, assessing where improvements can be made, drafting solutions, and working with stakeholders across the organization to implement these changes. The ideal candidate will blend a creative problem-solving mindset with an execution orientation.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from a nationally recognized university
  • 0-3 years work experience, ideally with exposure to finance, strategy, operations, product, or technology; healthcare experience a plus
  •  An entrepreneurially-minded individual who is eager to develop the skills necessary to build a business
  •  Intellectual horsepower and flexibility: this candidate must be able to think across the entire firm and make lateral connections to identify the highest-value areas to focus on, while being able to get “in the weeds” and understand and solve operational problems as well
  • Demonstrated motivation and hustle: a high-energy and iterative approach to problem-solving; past examples of taking initiative, demonstrating grit and exhibiting entrepreneurial spirit
  •  EQ and an approach to building relationships that gets to trust quickly
  • Demonstrated desire to expand skill set and learn how to run a company
  • Candidate should have a desire to gain proficiency in a range of hard skills: experience creating financial models, externally-facing presentation materials, etc
  • Mission-driven: committed to improving how healthcare works by solving systemic challenges