Break into the Boardroom: Diversity Initiative

The Break into the Boardroom (BiB) program was developed in 2016 to promote greater representation of female healthcare executives on boards within the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Effective solutions to the current boardroom gender imbalance must address both the demand and supply side of the equation. Oxeon is uniquely positioned to provide such dual impact in collaboration with Deerfield Management, a healthcare investment firm, and so together Oxeon and Deerfield co-founded this program to help prepare qualified women for their first board role and, over time, to help match them with appropriate board opportunities through Oxeon and Deerfield’s network of healthcare companies.

Our Mission

To promote greater representation of female healthcare executives in the boardroom by addressing both the supply & demand sides of the equation.

The Why

  • There are more CEOs of large U.S. companies named David (4.5%) than there are CEOs who are women (4.1%)

  • As of 2017, 7% of VCs are women, and 2% of VC funding goes to female-led companies

  • There has been progress; in 2017, 36% of open Board seats went to women and 20% to minorities

  • Oxeon is uniquely positioned to make an impact on this gender gap, particularly in the healthcare VC & PE space

The Team

Mia Jung


Mara McCarthy


Austin Nalen

Senior Associate

Amy Lackner

Assistant to the CEO

Leah Reisman


Kristen Soto


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