Oxeon and the CMS Innovation Center

We are so excited to announce our partnership to bring world class talent and health policy expertise to The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation! CMMI is the proving ground for value based care payment innovation, and is unmatched in its breadth of impact across the U.S. Healthcare system. We are eager to bring our expertise to bear in finding the next generation of leaders and shapers to join this incredibly important organization.


The Innovation Center at CMS is hiring healthcare leaders and innovators at every level. We are particularly interested 
in leaders with expertise in population health, medicaid, and financial modeling as well as those earlier in their 
career who have demonstrated academic rigor and have advanced degrees in health economics, public policy, and 
public health. More than anything, these candidates must be dynamic performers, intellectually curious, passionate 
proponents of change, and able to keep pace in a high performance environment.
We are actively seeking clinicians, health policy experts, public health professionals, lawyers, economists, and passionate 
healthcare leaders. If you’re interested, let’s talk! Please reach out and submit your resume to CMMI@oxeonpartners.com.