Since 2008, Counsyl has provided decision support for the most important moments in life. This fast-growing company is dedicated to providing women and their obstetricians with the genetic testing they need to make informed clinical decisions, and has come to receive accolades such as The Wall Street Journal’s Innovation Award in Medicine. To date, the bioinformatics leader has delivered over 750,000 test results through its carrier screening, prenatal, and oncology products and the suite of services surrounding them. In addition to its ability to fuel clinical decisions, the Silicon Valley-based firm is well known for its sophisticated technology and customer experience. By eliminating traditional inefficiencies in the laboratory sector, Counsyl is able to offer an array of genetic tests in an accurate, quick, end-to- end, and cost-effective manner at scale—going so far as to be ranked one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Robotics by Fast Company.


We work with Counsyl in a search capacity, leveraging our network and healthcare industry expertise to find and place the best executives on their leadership team. Our work includes a search for a member of their Board of Directors.