Founded in 2019, Eleanor Health is an integrated, evidence-based outpatient care and addiction recovery platform for opioid and other substance use disorders. Eleanor Health intends to change the face of addiction treatment by expanding access to comprehensive, clinically excellent, evidence-based care. Eleanor also understands that it takes a village to do so effectively, and looks forward to partnering with clinical and community organizations in order to do so. Based in Waltham, MA, Eleanor Health is open in Mooresville, NC and will be soon be treating patients in multiple other states across the country.


The state of the opioid epidemic prompted Oxeon to explore how we could build a solution that would help address the crisis in the most comprehensive way. By utilizing our network to connect with some of the nation’s top minds in substance use treatment, policy, operations, and value-based payment, the Oxeon team developed a thesis on the best way to deliver this care to patients who need it the most. Additionally, we recruited Eleanor’s CEO, Corbin Petro, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nzinga Harrison, and sourced relationships with institutional partners to both fund the business and establish the markets in which Eleanor will operate. We continue to leverage our network to connect great people to Eleanor, while also serving as members of the Board of Directors.