Co-founded by Intermountain Healthcare and Oxeon, Empiric Health improves both patient outcomes and operational efficiency by reducing unwanted clinical variation and waste in the operating room. Empiric's technology-enabled service has proven success in addressing variation in cost and outcomes for clinicians and health system administrators. Unlike traditional solutions, Empiric Health evaluates actual clinical and patient outcomes data, structured according to proprietary, physician-approved procedure groupings to ensure accuracy. Once variation is identified, clinicians are engaged individually and at a service line level to reach consensus on the best way to deliver care.

The company’s offering is based on Intermountain’s ProComp program. Clinicians built this program to help understand how differences in the way surgical procedures are performed – from supply utilization to close procedures to staffing – impact patient outcomes and overall cost of care. The program created operational efficiencies resulting in more than $90M in savings over 4 years for Intermountain and its patients.


Oxeon is a co-founder of Empiric Health alongside Intermountain Healthcare. Intermountain’s clinical leadership and ProComp program formed the foundation and proof of concept for Empiric Health, while Oxeon crafted the business plan, designed the commercial product, and launched the company. As the Oxeon team vetted the market opportunity with a broad network of health system executives and vendors, it became clear that ProComp’s clinical approach and tech/services blend was a differentiated approach generating unprecedented results. Intermountain and Oxeon together provided seed-funding and Oxeon Ventures team members served as the interim team to launch the business. We then built the initial technology product, and recruited the management team who would lead and scale the company.