Senior Associate, Oxeon Partners

Fiona joined Oxeon after several years with Optum’s consulting practice. At Optum she worked with a variety of clients to tackle challenges across the healthcare system including managed care strategy and execution, claims operations improvement, and digital product management targeted around consumer experience and accessibility. Since joining Oxeon, she’s had the opportunity to work with innovative payer and provider facing organizations across the population health, policy, and behavioral health landscape. She is especially passionate about working with Oxeon’s portfolio clients taking a proactive and preventive approach to health and health management.

Raised on Whidbey Island in the greater Seattle area, Fiona graduated from Dartmouth College where she convinced the powers that be to allow her to design a major in Health Policy and Healthcare Studies. After a brief year exploring the healthcare, culinary and brewery scene in Minneapolis, Fiona moved to Washington DC, where she initially found Oxeon. Today, she works from Oxeon’s HQ office in New York, and enjoys exploring the city by foot and bike – whichever is the faster route to great coffee!