Hannah Headshot 2019.jpg


Associate, Oxeon Partners

Hannah joined Oxeon looking for a way to further her interest in team building, and see how a company’s greater impact as well as their bottom line can be maximized by aligning a powerful group of people with a powerful mission. She is drawn to Oxeon’s vision of “making people healthier”, and inspired by the countless ways that people are working to make this a reality on a daily basis. Having spent 5+ years just outside of Frankfurt, Germany, Hannah is looking forward to using her knowledge of how healthcare is delivered in different parts of the world to form a basis for insight into some of the problems facing the American system today.

Hannah graduated from Georgetown University where she spent the majority of her time rowing on the Potomac (go G130!) and whatever was left over on completing her Marketing and Management double majors. Now you can find her watching her beloved Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers regain their former glory on the field, running along the Hudson River, or perusing Trader Joe’s in search of peanut butter filled pretzels.