SUMMARY: delivers innovative health care by turning smartphone cameras into clinical-grade medical devices. Their product provides at-home urinalysis testing that can be easily shared with one’s physician using nothing more than a smartphone app, a dip-stick, and a color-coded slide. simplifies existing clinical pathways and can be used to diagnose urinary tract infections, monitor the health of pregnant women, prevent those with Multiple Sclerosis from unnecessary hospital admissions, and screen the kidneys of those with chronic diseases. Through’s partnerships in Europe and Israel, is already being used by 100,000 patients and has secured FDA clearance in the U.S. Additionally, is launching a new product that will provide monitoring of chronic wounds. After taking a picture of the wound, the software measures its color, width, and depth, and then outputs the statistics to a wound care specialist to monitor its progress. Wound care management has become increasingly important given the rise of chronic wounds and the morbidity associated with them. is funded by Aleph, Samsung NEXT, and Quantum Pacific Ventures.


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