Town Hall Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in and supports inspired and dynamic entrepreneurs developing innovative healthcare solutions to serve underserved and medically vulnerable populations.  We work with companies who are obsessed with improving people’s lives and health outcomes. Delivering innovative care solutions to these populations requires a unique set of capabilities. Our experience building our own businesses, serving in major public and private sector roles, building premier executive teams, and investing across technology and health care, gives us an unusual practical perspective. Whether in the boardroom, with key recruits, with potential customers, or with policymakers, our broad and deep relationships across all corners of health care will help great ideas turn into great companies with long-lasting impact.

Our limited partner investors include four of the five largest non-profit health systems as well as some of the most innovative non-profit health payors, that together serve 23 million individuals across 42 states.  Our primary focus areas of Medicare and Medicaid touch almost 120 million Americans and account for approximately $1.2 trillion in annual health care spending.


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Oxeon has selectively looked to invest balance capital across the healthcare technology and service industries, both within and outside of our executive search portfolio. We look to add value to our investments through our areas of experience and relationships across the industry.   The vast majority of our investment activities are now made through Town Hall Ventures.