Jamie Headshot 2019.jpg


Associate, Oxeon Partners

Jamie joined Oxeon because of his passion for creating meaningful relationships with people who are dedicated to improving the lives of others. He’s inspired by the incredible intersections between healthcare and technology that Oxeon is involved with, specifically within the mental health sphere. Moreover, Jamie’s excited to collaborate with exceptional leaders and companies who are dedicated to innovating tech-enabled services, disrupting the traditional healthcare norms, and improving mental health awareness in the United States.

When he wasn’t spending time with his friends, Jamie made the most of his undergrad experience by creating research projects that studied the psychology of human behaviors in social settings, taking captivating classes outside of his field of study, and doing marketing work for the on-campus coffee shops. Originally from Connecticut, Jamie is a dedicated New York sports fan and when he’s not in the office you’ll find him creating new Spotify playlists on his daily commute, working on his golf game, or fishing for the (recently spotted!) Great White shark in the Long Island Sound.