Senior Associate, Oxeon Partners

Johnny was drawn to Oxeon by the prospect of partnering with leading entrepreneurs determined to drive our broken healthcare system’s transition to value-based care. Intrigued by the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Johnny is thrilled to be exposed to cutting-edge healthcare technology and care delivery models that particularly serve our most susceptible populations.

Since joining Oxeon, Johnny has worked with clients and portfolio companies such as Empric Health, Vida Health, Trellis Rx, Quest Analytics, ConsejoSano, Cedar, connectRN, Intuitive, Castlewood Treatment Centers, Maven, Latitude Food Allergy Care, PharmMD, and WiserCare leading executive searches across the C-Suite.

Johnny was brought up in Philadelphia and loved his city so much he stayed for college. Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, he envisions one day (far down the line) usurping the role as Phillies GM. In his free time, Johnny dabbles with producing pop song mash-ups, playing chess, concocting pranks, debating the finer points of “Game of Thrones” or practicing his broken German wherever bratwurst is served.