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Landmark Health provides home-based medical care to the nation’s sickest patients. By integrating technology, tools, and on the ground clinical resources, Landmark has built a differentiated care experience to treat the most complex and vulnerable populations. Landmark has developed a unique “complexivist” care model built around collaboration and personalization, enabled by mobile-first, patient-centric technology. Managing more than 60,000 complex patients today, this physician-led multidisciplinary care team provides 24/7 on the ground and telephonic support, care, and interventions, leading to better care for patients, and comfort for the families who love them.


Our work with Landmark began before the company was founded and has continued to this day. Working alongside Founder and CEO, Adam Boehler, we recruited their Founding Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and President, before placing one of our own team members internally to build out their mid-level team as they continued to rapidly scale. Working in exchange for equity, we created the HR, hiring and on-boarding process Landmark needed to swiftly ramp up to a 400+ person organization. Landmark’s work continues to make us proud; it held a special spot at our 2014 company offsite, where we looked at Landmark as a case study for how we as an organization can fulfill our mission to Make People Healthier.