Senior Associate, Oxeon Partners

Born and bred in the healthcare world, Leah has been inspired to “make people healthier” from a young age. For her high school math research project, she wrote a report discussing the reasons why healthcare costs are increasing at a faster rate than GDP. She has been hooked ever since.

Leah joined Oxeon prepared to take on her responsibility in bettering the constantly evolving U.S. healthcare system. Following her experiences working in health policy and technology, Leah is excited to build on her curiosity and work with Oxeon’s network of innovative and disruptive healthcare companies. She hopes to play a role in solving the problems that go far beyond insurance policies and medical professionals and require systemic and cultural change led by people both in and outside of the healthcare industry.

Leah graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Health and Psychology. Together, her two majors grew her healthcare interests and pushed her to pursue a career in the industry. To help further develop her global perspective on healthcare, Leah spent a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and is looking for any excuse to return. After four years in Durham, North Carolina, Leah has returned close to her hometown on Long Island and is feeling right at home in New York City.