Medisafe is a leading patient-centric personalized medication management platform. Founded in Israel in 2012 and launched in the US in 2015, Medisafe began with the goal of reducing medication non-adherence, which contributes to a death every four minutes in the US. Today, only 50% of patients correctly follow their medication regimen. To tackle this problem, Medisafe has developed a platform to address the leading drivers of non-adherence: low engagement, forgetfulness, lack of support, cost of medication, and an information gap. The platform integrates with the rest of the healthcare landscape, connecting patients to their providers and pharmacies, while also collecting powerful insights into patient engagement and adherence. With over 3M users, Medisafe has scaled to use in over 200 countries and 18 languages. Medisafe is backed by investors including Pitango Venture Capital, 7wire Ventures, lool ventures, TriVentures, and Oxeon Ventures.


We work with Medisafe in a search capacity, leveraging our network and healthcare industry expertise to find and place the best executives on their leadership team. Our work includes a search for their Head of Sales.