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A Healthy Dose
Trevor Price, Founder & CEO, Oxeon Partners

I talk to people all day long. Every day. Without exception. By Friday afternoon, I want to withdraw from the world of Oxeon and talk to no one other than my wife and three kids. That withdrawal slowly lifts over...

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Coffee Talk with Oxeon Partners
Featuring Adam Boehler, Founder and CEO of Landmark Health

Adam Boehler, Founder and CEO of Landmark Health, visited Oxeon's New York office for a Coffee Talk to share his insights on leadership and entrepreneurship.

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When the White House Calls (a.k.a., Just Another Tuesday at Oxeon)
Alissa Lash, Co-President, Search, Oxeon Partners

With every big bet, there comes that moment of truth. Is this going to work? Will it pay off? As Oxeon Partners passed its 4th birthday last November, we prepared to make one of these big bets: hang a shingle...

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Mission Works
Trevor Price, Founder & CEO, Oxeon Holdings and Jacob Sack, Director, Oxeon Partners

If we're not careful, our "recruiting shtick" for Landmark Health can roll off the tongue too easily. Too mindlessly. Too nonchalantly. A conversation with executives in the market usually goes something like this: "Yes...Landmark provides care for incredibly vulnerable patients,...

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A Serendipitous Encounter
Mia Jung, Co-President, Oxeon Partners
Co-Authored by Austin Nalen, Associate, Oxeon Partners and Morgan Flannery, Senior Associate, Oxeon Ventures

Mia, Co-President for Oxeon's Invested Executive Search business, is largely focused on leading the search organization and building leadership teams for high-growth Healthcare IT and Services clients across Oxeon's portfolio organizations. Prior to joining Oxeon, Mia spent 15 years in...

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