As data security, complex/value-based reimbursement structures, and changing government regulations prove to be of increasing concern for healthcare providers, the need for comprehensive revenue recovery solutions grows to be even more critical. Revint Solutions offers an end-to-end suite of technology and service-based revenue integrity and recovery solutions that address these very critical needs; their portfolio of solutions span across Transfer DRG, IME/Shadow Claims, Underpayment Recovery, DRG Validation, Outpatient Revenue Recovery, Consulting Services, Interim Management, Supplemental Support Services, Medicare Reimbursement, and Payer Verification.

Revint is well positioned to be an exclusive middle revenue cycle partner to health systems and large physician practices as a result of their unique blend of consulting and outsourced services and technology, which in turn allows their provider partners to cut down on the administrative burden of vendor management and limit the need to share data with a disperse group of third party platforms. Today, Revint works with 1,600 healthcare organizations including hospitals, integrated delivery networks, health systems, and physician practice groups, and has helped recover over $375 million in underpaid or unidentified revenue for clients annually.  

Revint was initially formed in February 2017 through the merger of mCare Solutions and VHC, Inc., and 9 months later in November, they also merged with Health Check to expand their underpayment recovery service offering. In December 2017, New Mountain Capital, the majority private equity investor, merged Revint with IMA consulting, an established healthcare management consulting firm, and then soon later acquired Naveos, a market leader in specialized reimbursement technology and services, moving them even closer to their goal of becoming the single revenue integrity safety net and consultancy for provider organizations.

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