Vital Decisions focuses on the end of life and palliative care space, enabling patients to make decisions related to advanced care planning. Vital Decisions’ algorithm targets patients with advanced illnesses who are then engaged via the business’ behavioral specialists. In partnership with public and private payers, Vital Decisions connects with these patients in order to create high quality communication between the patient, the patient’s family, and the patient’s physicians. Through behavioral specialists who perform motivational interviews, patients learn about advanced care planning and begin to make decisions about their preferences in relation to end of life planning. Vital Decisions does not direct care, but rather empowers patients to understand their options and make decisions based on their preferences. Vital Decisions is backed by MTS Health.


We work with Vital Decisions in a search capacity, leveraging our network and healthcare industry expertise to find and place the best executives on their leadership team. Our work includes a search for their Vice President of Business Development.