“Trevor and the Oxeon team were the perfect strategic partner to help us scale our rapidly growing business. Most of the recruiters I’ve worked with in the past take a very transactional view to their job… find a candidate, pitch them, place them. Not these guys. Trevor and his team own it. They truly view themselves as an extension of our company, and are personally and emotionally invested in finding the right people who will not only contribute exponential value, but who are the right fit culturally for our team. Oxeon has my highest recommendation.”

—Jeff Butler, Chairman & CEO, Privia Health

“If you do a little homework, you’ll find that hands-down, Oxeon is the most connected, well-regarded, and knowledgeable recruiting firm in healthcare. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at events and felt that if you’re a fast-growing health care company and you’re not working with Oxeon, you’ve not done your diligence on the recruiting landscape. They’re a partner, through and through. And in addition to finding Omada talent, they’ve introduced us to potential investors, distributors and customers.”

-Sean Duffy , Co-Founder & CEO, Omada Health

“The Oxeon team have been a core competitive differentiation for our organization as we have scaled from three employees to upwards of 250…The Oxeon team operates with the highest standards for business ethics while also developing incredible personal bonds, both with our existing team as well as the executives they recruit, that have been an important part of forming the culture at Evolent.”

-Frank Williams , Founder & CEO, Evolent Health